Planning and Zoning

Partial map of Earle Street 1920 -- Before the Construction of Wade-Hampton

Partial map of Earle Street 1920 — Before the Construction of Wade-Hampton

Planning and Zoning Issues — the Future of our Neighborhood

The Colonel Elias Earle Historic District encompasses approximately 60 acres and is currently zoned for single-family and multifamily residential use. Current land use in the district consists primarily of single-family residential, with one church and several multifamily apartments or duplexes considered as contributing to the historic character and significance of the district.

The main issue facing Earle and James Streets is development along our commercial corridors. The district is bordered on the south by commercial and office development on Stone Avenue; to the north, the district is adjacent to similar residential development and zoning. To the east and west, three major thoroughfares bisect our neighborhood —Rutherford Road and Pete Hollis Boulevard on the west, and Wade Hampton Boulevard on the east. Future development in these areas will have an enormous impact on the quality of life in our neighborhood and in the larger North Main Community.

In an effort to ensure a high quality of future development along our commercial corridors, the City of Greenville hired Dover Kohl & Partners, a top urban planning consulting firm and developed the Stone Avenue Master Plan to help guide the future of our commercial corridors. Development of this comprehensive and visionary Plan included major outreach and input from neighborhood residents, property owners,  businesses and other stakeholders. The Greenville City Council approved this plan in 2011. 

Click here to see the Stone Avenue Master Plan.


Proposed Developments for Stone Avenue

In the Fall of 2013, developers proposed mixed-use developments for two sites on East Stone Avenue.  The Stone Avenue Master Plan helped to guide their plans.  See below for details:


Stone-and-North-MainStone Avenue and North Main Street

This property,  long known as the Collins property, was once the site of elegant single family residences.  After the intrusion of Wade Hampton Boulevard into Stone Avenue in the 1950s, the site rapidly declined into a motely assortment of convenience stores and a gas station. Most of these structures were demolished in the last decade, and the 4-plus-acre site has been empty ever since.  A developer has proposed a mixed-use project that includes over 20,000 sq. ft. of retail space, which has been approved by the Greenville Planning Commission

Click  here  to see the plan for the mixed-use development

And click  here  to see a conceptual 3-D flyover the project.





Stone Avenue and Rowley Street

Across form the Collins property in another underused site on East Stone Avenue.  Just under two acres, the site is best known for and abandoned building that is a neighborhood eyesore.  the developer has proposed a 50-unit apartment house with 2000 sq. ft. of retail.

Click  here  to see the proposal, which has been approved by the Greenville Planning Commission and the  City Council.